Torquay Devon Mottoware

Vintage Torquay Devon Mottoware Cornish PastyThis is a very rare piece of Aller Vale pottery made in the early part of the 1900s. These pieces are highly collectable and were made for the Cornish tourist market and most never survived as once given to a family member or friend they were tossed to one side, got chipped or put in a cupboard and forgotten. Now we have a Torquay Society that is both a collectors club and a reference site, great site for someone who wants to start collecting. This is exactly what I referred to, now I have one of the biggest collections of motto ware, and im still collecting but I now look out for the rarer pieces.

The design of this piece is called “Scandy” which is the name given for the swirls and the colours its made from cornish clay. If anyone has any Torquay ware let me know and ill tell you something about it.

The cornish pasty is the most collectable, so if you do ever come across one at a car boot ‘going for a song’ snap it up  🙂 

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Joy Cowley-Smith September 11, 2016

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