Antique Researching 

Studio Valuations are strong believers in client relationship and as part of the service we offer detailed research.

Many people, particularly those new to collecting, will have limited knowledge in the antique market. We will do the research necessary to enable us to provide an accurate assessment of your item. Whether it be fine art, militaria, ceramics or furniture.  We are experts in all areas.

One of the most important factors to consider when appraising an antique or collectable is the condition, Studio valuations examine very carefully and give an in depth report of markings etc. We work closely with London auction houses and hold antique databases of recent sales giving clients a true valuation.

Provenance can be documented by:

  • Original receipts showing the purchaser’s name and the location of purchase
  • A photograph of a person wearing or using an object
  • Handwritten notes from previous owners or from a gift presentation
  • Other documented research proving an item’s history

We take everything into account when valuing to ensure the client goes away happy.